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Behrood Mokamel company Dependent on the pharmaceutical company Behrood Atrak founded in 1382 and run the project in a land area of ​​9600 square meters of industrial town of Arak (3).This Company According to many studies and experts and using standards and applying engineering in drawings of a building and the use of modern machinery and equipment secceed to set up the factory in late 1384
Therapeutic Vit C Supplement
Suggested Broiler Diets
Suggested Concentrate For Breeder Chicken
%5 Concentrate For layer Chicken
%2/5 Concentrate For Breeder layer
%2/5 Concentrate For Broiler Chicken
%5 Concentrate For Broiler Chicken
Twin %0/5 Feed Supplement For Breeder Chicken,Specific For Cobb Breed
Twin %0/5 Feed Supplement For Breeder Chicken,Specific For Ross Breed
Twin %0/5 Feed Supplement For Broiler Chicken,Specific For Ross Breed
Livestock Feed Supplements with P 96%
Suggested Livestock Therapeutic Feed Supplements
Therapeutic Vit B-Complex Supplement
Therapeutic Vit K3 Supplement
Therapeutic Vit E Supplement
Therapeutic Vit D3 Supplement
Therapeutic Vit A Supplement
Feed Supplement for Breeder Chicken
Feed Supplement for Layer Chicken
Feed Supplement for Broiler Chicken