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Behrood Mokamel %2/5 Concentrate For layer Chicken


Behrood Mokamel Concentrate



Concentrate is dense set of basic foodstuffs for poultry is required that birder Add corn and soybean meal can be just the right combination to maximize the performance of their poultry


Advantages of Concentrate of Behrood Mokamel company



  • Supply the nutritional needs of all poultry on the coordinates of each breed
  • Reduce consumer items in the diet
  • Ensure the quality of raw materials purchased
  • Supply all vitamin needs  ( So ​​no need to use multivitamins, single vitamins in water or in feed premixes will )
  • Lack mistake Don composition ( in terms of reducing the number of consumable items )
  • Reduce distractions Dunn
  • Reduce production time and reduce personnel costs associated with the production of feed grains
  • Uniform mixing of raw materials
  • Uniform herd
  • Reduce the cost of raw materials and storage
  • Reduce traffic on the farm due to lower raw material input
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